African americans responsible for 1.2 trillion? | Better Black Business - Non profit.

Did you know African Americans are responsible for some $1.2 trillion in purchases annually, Albeit only making up 14% of the population?

This week we'll focus our attention on the non-profit business “Better Black". BB is taking responsibility to help reform Black business in the community by uplifting and supporting other Black Businesses. The Better Black Directory does just that by creating a directory where Black Business in beauty, health & wellness, services, clothing, entertainment, and the food industry can be reached without spending countless hours and phone calls searching. The vision is as "Better Black" continues to grow you'll be able to find and support black businesses for every need. You'll be able to find Attorneys, Auto Mechanics, Independent Contractors, Caterers, Restaurants, Clothing designers and stores, etc as the listings continue.

Whilst black spending is a powerful and important thing, even bigger is the power of supporting one another, and that applies for all walks of life.

Visit our friends over @ “Better Black" to learn more and help support by donating and purchasing some of their products, this allows for businesses posting to the directory to continue to be a free service.