NOOLS - Yari Collection

NOOLS - Yari Collection


Spruce up your eyewear collection with our new limited edition 'Yari Collection', Part of our spring 2020 #NOOLS catalog. Featuring a stainless steel frame with polarized lenses 🕶. Not only will they protect your eyes but they're also HYPOALLERGENIC. Lightweight, durable, and drop ball tested. Shop today while supplies last!


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  • Care Information

    For optimum performance, clean lenses with an eye glass cleaner. If you don't have that on hand then use mild dish soap with warm water to clean your lenses. Avoid using Windex or cleaning supplies, as it will damage the lens coating. Dry using a clean microfiber lens cloth. Also stay away from washing your lens cloth with laundry softener, as the softener can also pose a risk to damaging your lenses. To avoid scratches, do not use paper based material on lenses.