How it all began



NewOutlookOnLifeShades got its start in Pittsburg, California as a small business selling sunglasses to local customers. Seeing a need in the market for more affordable great quality sunglasses that would leave you looking great without breaking the bank. All while helping your eyes combat intense glare and harmful UV. What began as a vision is now coming into fruition and we'd like to thank you for taking the time to join our journey as we continue to build and grow.




We believe in positive energy. It's a part of our lives and business. In times it's hard to avoid the negative we see on a daily basis but part of having a New Outlook is to be able to see past the negative and not ingest it. Being able to focus on keeping a positive vision is what we call having a New Outlook On Life. Mental health is as important as the air that we breathe. Protecting it while we work, we play, we relax and more is vital. While the thing we all have in common is being imperfect we can all help each other have a New Outlook On Life.


 A New Outlook


 "Whatever your focus is, whatever you feel it should be, you need to get that focus together and go towards it, and one day you'll look back on it and say I felt like I was stuck but I wasn't stuck, It's all in the matter of how we view ourselves ". -Shirley Smith







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